Georgina R. Hughes

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Food advert exposure has been shown to influence calorie intake and food choice in 9-11 year olds. However, little is known about the effect of food advertisements on feeding behaviour in younger children. Therefore, we conducted a study with 93 children aged 5-7 years, 28 of whom were over weight or obese. The children were exposed to 10 non-food adverts(More)
In contrast to unilateral neglect patients, who overattend to the right hemispace, normal participants attend more to the left: a phenomenon known as pseudoneglect. Two experiments examined whether pseudoneglect results from object- or space-based attentional biases. Normal participants ( n=38, 22) made luminance judgments for two left/right mirror-reversed(More)
Ageing is associated with reduced energy intake and loss of appetite. Older men tend to have poorer dietary intakes including consumption of fewer fruits and vegetables in comparison to older women. Living and eating alone further diminishes food consumption and dietary quality. The aim of the present study was to explore food choice and energy intake in(More)
We describe a discrete event simulation model of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV disease, parameterized to describe the dual epidemics in Harare, Zimbabwe. TB and HIV are the leading causes of death from infectious disease among adults worldwide and the number of TB cases has risen significantly since the start of the HIV epidemic, particularly in Sub-Saharan(More)
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