Georgina Pérez-García

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The serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)) 5-HT7 receptor is localized in brain areas mediating memory; however, the role of this receptor on memory remains little explored. First, demonstrating the associative nature of Pavlovian/instrumental autoshaping (P/I-A) task, rats were exposed (three sessions) to CS-US (Pavlovian autoshaping), truly random(More)
AIMS Differences in fibre-type composition of skeletal muscle have been associated with obesity and insulin resistance. As a poor nutrient environment early in life is a predisposing factor for the development of obesity and related metabolic diseases at adulthood, this study aimed at determining the long-term consequences of maternal undernutrition on the(More)
BACKGROUND AIMS Maternal undernutrition programs metabolic adaptations which are ultimately detrimental to adult. L-tryptophan supplementation was given to manipulate the long-term sequelae of early-life programming by undernutrition and explore whether cultured cells retain circadian clock dysregulation. METHODS Male rat pups from mothers fed on low(More)
Skeletal muscle exhibits a remarkable flexibility in the usage of fuel in response to the nutrient intake and energy demands of the organism. In fact, increased physical activity and fasting trigger a transcriptional programme in skeletal muscle cells leading to a switch from carbohydrate to lipid oxidation. Impaired metabolic flexibility has been reported(More)
New research in conditioned enhancement of antibody response requires a general paradigm effective with different antigens. In this experiment series we applied a one-trial protocol using keyhole limpet hemocyanin immunization as an unconditioned stimulus. Several different conditions were tested. Two different times between conditioning and test trial, two(More)
Numerous epidemiological studies indicate that malnutrition during in utero development and/or childhood induces long-lasting learning disabilities and enhanced susceptibility to develop psychiatric disorders. However, animal studies aimed to address this question have yielded inconsistent results due to the use of learning tasks involving negative or(More)
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