Georgina Ormerod

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The INO80 chromatin remodeling complex functions in transcriptional regulation, DNA repair, and replication. Here we uncover a novel role for INO80 in regulating chromosome segregation. First, we show that the conserved Ies6 subunit is critical for INO80 function in vivo. Strikingly, we found that loss of either Ies6 or the Ino80 catalytic subunit results(More)
Most people prefer to die at home, however, the majority die in an acute hospital. Supporting a patient in their preferred place of care may be aided by exchange of information across sectors. Richmond piloted an electronic palliative care coordination system (EPaCCS) to enhance interprofessional communication for end-of-life care. One such EPaCCS is the(More)
In 2011, an out-of-hours service in central London reviewed its system for special patient notes (SPNs) - a main mechanism to communicate valuable information about patients to the clinicians who cover two-thirds of the week when day-time general practices are closed. This revealed that: half of frequent callers did not have an SPNabout half of existing(More)
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