Georgina Murphy

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Developmental screening tools are an integral part of child health surveillance, but only few valid and reliable tests are currently in use in the community. Early detection and referral of children with developmental delay is critical for long term outcomes. Developmental screening, using standardised tests, is increasingly important. The public health(More)
In the Lifeways Cross Generation Cohort Study, mothers were asked to recruit at least one of 4 potential living grandparents to the study, and 1177 grandparents became active participants who either completed a health status questionnaire only (n = 707), or subsequently underwent a cardiovascular risk assessment examination at home (n = 958). Mean age of(More)
Ambulatory blood pressure measurement (ABPM) is a useful and important way of guiding clinical decisions in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. There has been little research on how ABPM is actually used in the community where hypertension is mainly diagnosed and managed. We aimed to review the use of ABPM in daily community practice in terms of(More)
Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases (CVD), hypertension and diabetes together with HIV infection are among the major public health concerns worldwide. Health services for HIV and NCDs require health systems that provide for people's chronic care needs, which present an opportunity to coordinate efforts and create synergies(More)
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