Georgina Marote

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Existing methods of establishing ambient air quality monitoring networks typically evaluate only parameters related to ambient concentrations of the contaminant(s) of interest such as emission source characteristics, atmospheric transport and dispersion, secondary reactions, deposition characteristics, and local topography. However, adverse health risks(More)
Feline oral squamous cell carcinoma (FOSCC) is an aggressive neoplasm in cats. Little is known about the possible molecular mechanisms that may be involved in the initiation, maintenance and progression of FOSCC. Wnt signalling is critical in development and disease, including many mammalian cancers. In this study, we have investigated the expression of Wnt(More)
We studied the sensitivity of H. pylori to clarithromycin and metronidazole, as well as the sensitivity and specificity of H. pylori culture, urease test and histology on a sample of 166 Portuguese patients. We observed a prevalence of 5.8% resistance to clarithromycin and 60% resistance to metronidazole. The sensitivity and specificity for the diagnostic(More)
Ocular paresis is a usual diagnosis in neuro-ophthalmologic consultation, and its aetiology is indeed a challenge. The authors studied 3400 records concerning this consultation, between 1982 and the third quarter of 1993. During this period 221 cases with ocular paresis were selected. During this retrospective study we point out the following items: the(More)
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