Georgina M Montgomery

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Although there have been many recent calls for increased data sharing, the majority of environmental scientists do not make their individual data sets publicly available in online repositories. Current data-sharing conversations are focused on overcoming the technological challenges associated with data sharing and the lack of rewards and incentives for(More)
Overinclusive authorship practices such as honorary or guest authorship have been widely reported, and they appear to be exacerbated by the rise of large interdisciplinary collaborations that make authorship decisions particularly complex. Although many studies have reported on the frequency of honorary authorship and potential solutions to it, few have(More)
A successful habit-building technique, overcorrection, was extended into an industrial type military setting to increase hearing protection usage among airplane mechanics in a high intensity noise environment. Three natural groups were assigned randomly to three conditions: a standard daily safety lecture group (S) for an attention-Placebo control; a(More)
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