Georgina L. Kelly

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The agricultural sector is highly vulnerable to future climate changes and climate variability, including increases in the incidence of extreme climate events. Changes in temperature and precipitation will result in changes in land and water regimes that will subsequently affect agricultural productivity. Given the gradual change of climate in the past,(More)
Infection prevalence in a population often is estimated from grouped binary data expressed as proportions. The groups can be families, herds, flocks, farms, etc. The observed number of cases generally is assumed to have a Binomial distribution and the estimate of prevalence is then the sample proportion of cases. However, the individual binary observations(More)
To quantify the climate change impacts of forestry and forest management options, we must consider the entire forestry system: the carbon dynamics of the forest, the life cycle of harvested wood products, and the substitution benefit of using biomass and wood products compared to more greenhouse gas intensive options. This paper presents modelled estimates(More)
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