Georgina E Taylor

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Podocyte depletion plays a major role in the development and progression of glomerulosclerosis. Many kidney diseases are more common in older age and often coexist with hypertension. We hypothesized that podocyte depletion develops in association with older age and is exacerbated by hypertension. Kidneys from 19 adult Caucasian American males without overt(More)
In a study of the diagnosis and treatment of Corynebacterium vaginale (Haemophilus vaginalis) vaginitis in 30 patients, clinical and microscopical findings were compared with laboratory cultures. The study also included a double-blind randomised trial of treatment regimens including placebo therapy. Laboratory cultures of C. vaginale corresponded well with(More)
Not only is murine respiratory mycoplasmosis, due to Mycoplasma pulmonis, a complication of biomedical research, it provides excellent animal models to study the development of a naturally occurring respiratory disease induced by an infectious agent. The understanding of pathogenic mechanisms of disease can be greatly facilitated by studying genetic(More)
In response to an increasing prevalence of serious pneumococcal disease among adult Alaska Natives of northwest Alaska, a 3-year program was begun in 1987 to identify residents of that remote region who were at high risk for developing invasive pneumococcal disease, to determine their pneumococcal vaccination status, and to deliver vaccine to at least 80(More)
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