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Unlike orthodox Type II restriction endonucleases that are homodimers and interact with the palindromic 4-8-bp DNA sequences, BcnI is a monomer which has a single active site but cuts both DNA strands within the 5'-CC↓CGG-3'/3'-GGG↓CC-5' target site ('↓' designates the cleavage position). Therefore, after cutting the first strand, the BcnI monomer must(More)
Type III CRISPR-Cas systems in prokaryotes provide immunity against invading nucleic acids through the coordinated degradation of transcriptionally active DNA and its transcripts by the Csm effector complex. The Cas10 subunit of the complex contains an HD nuclease domain that is responsible for DNA degradation and two Palm domains with elusive functions. In(More)
Endonucleases that generate double-strand breaks in DNA often possess two identical subunits related by rotational symmetry, arranged so that the active sites from each subunit act on opposite DNA strands. In contrast to many endonucleases, Type IIP restriction enzyme BcnI, which recognizes the pseudopalindromic sequence 5'-CCSGG-3' (where S stands for C or(More)
Streptococcus thermophilus (St) type III-A CRISPR-Cas system restricts MS2 RNA phage and cuts RNA in vitro. However, the CRISPR array spacers match DNA phages, raising the question: does the St CRISPR-Cas system provide immunity by erasing phage mRNA or/and by eliminating invading DNA? We show that it does both. We find that (1) base-pairing between crRNA(More)
Results of experimental application of plasma surgical device UMPR-20 in operations on the stomach, intestine and liver in acute and chronic experiments are described. Coagulating properties of the plasma jet were detected responsible for reliable hemostasis in dissection of the parenchymatous organs. As compared with other surgical devices (electroknife,(More)
Considering the experience obtained by the collaborators of the Fuild Surgery Chair (Medical-Military Academy) there was suggested the following conception of using surgical strengthening in the Troops medical-and-evacuation security. By strengthening the battalion medical station with physician, including the surgeon the pre-medical care is rendered; in(More)
The article presents comparative morphological data on the healing of operative wounds on the stomach of rabbits made by an ordinary, laser and ultrasound scalpels. In all the cases the wound was sutured by a one-row interrupted sero-muscular stitches. Clear distinctions in the healing of postoperative gastric wounds made by different scalpels were(More)
Results of relaparotomies in 219 wounded with gunshot abdominal wounds got in local wars were analyzed. The main causes of relaparotomies were diagnostical, tactical and technical errors made during primary operations. The final outcome of the treatment depends upon the terms and volume of reoperations. Favourable results were frequent often in performing(More)