Georgia Zimmerman

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Proton NMR techniques were used to characterize acutely ischemic myocardial tissue from the dog. Ligation of the left anterior descending coronary artery for 30 min resulted in a consistent prolongation of the proton spin-lattice relaxation times (T1) in samples from regionally ischemic heart muscle when compared with T1 values for nonischemic areas from(More)
The computed tomograms of temporomandibular joints in 25 patients (41 joints) were retrospectively evaluated for condylar position and joint space with General Electric computer software. Computed tomography scans of the temporomandibular joint were made in the axial plane with the teeth in centric occlusion, and measurements were made from vertically(More)
A brain biopsy obtained from a twenty-eight month old boy with ceroidlipofuscinosis was studied by light and electron microscopy. There were widespread intracellular deposits of autofluorescent material taking the fat stains. Cytoplasmic inclusions were plentiful in neurons, astrocytes, oligocytes, M cells and vascular elements. Their substructure ranged(More)
Nurses are forced to make decisions about feeding tube position at regular intervals during the delivery of tube feedings; failure to detect an improperly positioned feeding tube can have serious consequences. This study was designed to determine the extent to which specific indicators could singularly and collectively differentiate between gastric and(More)
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