Georgia Vendra

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The study of dynamic cellular processes in living cells is central to biology and is particularly powerful when the motility characteristics of individual objects within cells can be determined and analysed statistically. However, commercial programs only offer a limited range of inflexible analysis modules and there are currently no open source programs(More)
Motor dependent transport of mRNA is a key mechanism in axis specification during development. Apical transport and anchoring of wingless and pair-rule transcripts in the Drosophila syncytial blastoderm embryo is mediated by cytoplasmic Dynein, the major minus end directed microtubule dependent molecular motor. Here, we show that, despite apical transport(More)
mRNA localization is a widespread mode of delivering proteins to their site of function. The embryonic axes in Drosophila are determined in the oocyte, through Dynein-dependent transport of gurken/TGF-alpha mRNA, containing a small localization signal that assigns its destination. A signal with a similar secondary structure, but lacking significant sequence(More)
RNA localization is a key mechanism for targeting proteins to particular subcellular domains. Sequences necessary and sufficient for localization have been identified, but little is known about factors that affect its kinetics. Transcripts of gurken and the I factor, a non-LTR retrotransposon, colocalize at the nucleus in the dorso-antero corner of the(More)
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