Georgia Pfeiffer

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This paper analyzes the stability of a coexistence equilibrium point of a model for competition between two stage-structured populations. In this model, for each population, competition for resources may affect any one of the following population parameters: reproduction, juvenile survival, maturation rate, or adult survival. The results show that the(More)
End-of-range (EOR) defects generated during the crystal orientation conversion process in DSB technology can give rise to various types of junction leakage depending on their locations relative to device structures. A wide range of EOR defect depths are investigated. Shallow-implant-induced EOR defects (~100 nm) are found to minimize junction leakages due(More)
Uniaxial strain relaxation of ultra-thin biaxial-tensile SSDOI is realized by ion-implant amorphization and solid phase epitaxy (II/SPE). The selective full amorphization in the thin SSDOI region, between raised source/drain (RSD) and channel, induces uniaxial strain relaxation in the channel. The SSDOI uniaxial strain relaxation enhances PFETs drive(More)
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