Georgia Galidaki

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Forest fires constitute a natural disturbance factor and an agent of environmental change with local to global impacts on Earth's processes and functions. Accurate knowledge of forest fuel extent and properties can be an effective component for assessing the impacts of possible future wildfires on ecosystem services. Our study aims to evaluate and compare(More)
Transhumance, the seasonal movement of herds between highlands and lowlands following precise, repeated routes, is a common practice in many Mediterranean regions. This livestock movement exploits natural vegetation in both winter and summer pastures. In Greece transhumant herders, drawn by relatively abundant vegetation, usually relocate to mountainous(More)
Routes of transhumance movement as well as both summer and winter destinations are subjected to intense grazing that over the years may shape landscapes. The aim of this study was to investigate land use changes in Aspropotamos area, Trikala from 1985 to 2000 that serves as a summer destination of transhumance flocks. Changes in land cover were explored(More)
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