Georgia E. Asimakopoulou

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This paper presents the application of bilevel programming for analyzing competitive situations of hierarchical decision making between an Energy Services Provider representing several microgrids (MGs)—each one comprising controllable loads and dispatchable distributed generation units—and a large central production unit. The rules of the interaction(More)
In this paper the contribution of the mass application of intelligent meters to the optimization of the grid operation is examined. The power system of the island of Crete is chosen: it constitutes the largest autonomous sub-system of Greece with a considerable penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) mainly in the form of wind farms. Various load(More)
The aim of this investigation was to assess the periodontal condition of two different age groups of young insulin-dependent diabetics, and to compare it with two age-matched groups of non-diabetic controls. Group A consisted of 19 diabetics 15-24 years old, group B of 21 diabetics 25-36 years old, control group CA of 16 healthy individuals 16-24 years old.(More)
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