Georgia Doxani

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The Sentinel missions have been designed to support the operational services of the Copernicus program, ensuring long-term availability of data for a wide range of spectral, spatial and temporal resolutions. In particular, Sentinel-2 (S-2) data with improved high spatial resolution and higher revisit frequency (five days with the pair of satellites in(More)
Image processing techniques that involve multispectral remotely sensed data are considered attractive for bathymetry applications as they provide a timeand cost-effective solution to water depths estimation. In this paper the potential of 8-bands image acquired by Worldview-2 satellite in providing precise depth measurements was investigated. Multispectral(More)
The study of urban climate requires frequent and accurate monitoring of land surface temperature (LST), at the local scale. Since currently, no space-borne sensor provides frequent thermal infrared imagery at high spatial resolution, the scientific community has focused on synergistic methods for retrieving LST that can be suitable for urban studies.(More)
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