Georgia D L'Hommedieu

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Vaccinations are often unsuccessful in preventing infection among elderly populations because of generally poor humoral immune responses. We have used tetanus toxoid (TT) antigen to stimulate in vitro anti-tetanus toxoid antibody (anti-TT) synthesis and have found that lymphocytes from many healthy elderly individuals have a reduced production of anti-TT in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether postmenopausal status is associated with elevated plasma inflammation markers compared to premenopausal status, and how this explains differences in fat distribution and insulin-stimulated glucose disposal. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTING Clinical research center. PATIENT(S) Forty-five premenopausal women and 44(More)
Environmental enrichment and crowding: behavioral and hormonal effects. PHYSIOL. BEHAV. 17(5) 735-741, 1976.-Male and female gerbils lived from weaning to adulthood in Enriched Crowded, Plain Crowded, Dense Crowded, or Paired conditions. Daily observations, social interaction tests with one animal from each of the 4 groups, and anatomical measures were(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine predictors of worsening insulin sensitivity in postmenopausal women. STUDY DESIGN Seventy-one nonobese postmenopausal women were assigned randomly to receive hormone replacement therapy (conjugated estrogens, 0.625 mg, plus medroxyprogesterone acetate, 2.5 mg) or placebo daily for 1 year (34 women(More)
PURPOSE After menopause, women gain abdominal fat and become less sensitive to insulin. We sought to determine whether hormone replacement therapy (HRT) reduced intraabdominal and sc abdominal fat and improved insulin sensitivity in early menopausal women. METHODS Seventy-six postmenopausal women, age 51.6 +/- 3.9 yr with body mass index of 24.9 +/- 3.2(More)
The current series of experiments were designed to explore the role of the B cell growth factor, interleukin-4 (IL-4), in the age-related decrease in production of antitetanus toxoid antibody in vitro. Exogenous recombinant IL-4 led to significant suppression of antitetanus toxoid antibody synthesis and numbers of antitetanus toxoid antibody-secreting B(More)
OBJECTIVE The quantity of intra-abdominal fat is highly associated with the development of diabetes mellitus. We sought to determine whether recent hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use modifies central fat and insulin sensitivity in postmenopausal women compared with women who had never used HRT. DESIGN We measured intra-abdominal fat, subcutaneous(More)
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