Georgia C. Papaefthymiou

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The development of self-assembled magnetic CoFe 2 O 4 nanoparticles within polymer matrices at room temperature is reported. Diblock copolymers consisting of poly ͑norbornene͒ and poly ͑norbornene-dicarboxcylic acid͒ ͑NOR/NORCOOH͒ were synthesized. The self-assembly of the mixed metal oxide within the NORCOOH block was achieved at room temperature by(More)
A novel polyiron oxo complex, [FeIII4FeII8(O)2(OCH3)18(O2CCH3)6(CH3OH) 4.67] (1), has been prepared from ferrous acetate and lithium methoxide in methanol by slow addition of dioxygen. The three-dimensional close-packed layered structure found in 1 closely mimics that proposed for the inorganic core in the iron storage protein ferritin. The Mössbauer(More)
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