Georgi Stoilov

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The authors demonstrate their clinical experience in the methodology developed by them for surgical-orthodontic treatment of impacted teeth. The material is based on 34 patients - 21 women and 13 men for the period 1994 - 1997. The patients were treated by the following methodology: after surgical exposure of the impacted tooth a photo-composite devise for(More)
We describe a spectral Stokesmeter: a device for fast simultaneous measurement of the four Stokes parameters of light. It consists of an original optical part, a four-channel scanning optoelectronic system, and a controlling computer system. The original optical scheme was first proposed by us. It is based on two holographic gratings, one of which is a(More)
The possibilities of stabilization of the interference pattern by filtration of a random-phase noise caused by vibrations, turbulence, and other local changes in the wave front in interferometric measurements are investigated. Dynamic holographic recording in photorefractive Bi(12)TiO(20) crystals is used. The parameters of the holographic recording are(More)
AIM To assess the changes in the angiogenic status of rectal cancer before and after preoperative radiotherapy (RT) using endosonography (ES). MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty-four patients with rectal cancer were examined by ES before and 6-7 weeks after preoperative RT and . The tumour size, stage, echostructure and vascularization before and after RT were(More)
The evaluation from experimental data, of physical quantities, which enter into the electromagnetic Maxwell equations, is described as inverse optical problem. The functional relations between the dependent and independent variables are of transcendental character and numeric procedures for evaluation of the unknowns are largely used. Herein, we discuss a(More)
The authors propose the fabrication of activators from photopolymerizing plastic. The advantages of this method are reviewed in comparison to the classical technology for fabrication of complicated constructions from hydropolymerizing plastic: Lack of residual monomer. Simplification of technology. Significant shortening of the time necessary to obtain the(More)
The extraoral appliance which is used for the treatment of patients after teeth extraction causes problems when there is lack of cooperation on the part of the patient. The appliance we present here consists of fabricated rings with brackets for the molars, lingual semicannulas, an outer arch, a lingual arch with a palatine button. The appliance distalizes(More)
A vision system is applied to full-field displacements and deformation measurements in solid mechanics. A speckle like pattern is preliminary formed on the surface under investigation. To determine displacements field of one speckle image with respect to a reference speckle image, sub-images, referred to Zones Of Interest (ZOI) are considered. The field is(More)