Georgi Raikov

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We consider a 2D Schrödinger operator H 0 with constant magnetic field, on a strip of finite width. The spectrum of H 0 is absolutely continuous, and contains a discrete set of thresholds. We perturb H 0 by an electric potential V which decays in a suitable sense at infinity, and study the spectral properties of the perturbed operator H = H 0 + V. First, we(More)
We consider the unperturbed operator H 0 := (−i∇ − A) 2 + W , self-adjoint in L 2 (R 2). Here A is a magnetic potential which generates a constant magnetic field b > 0, and the edge potential W = W is a T-periodic non-constant bounded function depending only on the first coordinate x ∈ R of (x, y) ∈ R 2. Then the spectrum σ(H 0) of H 0 has a band structure,(More)
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