Georgi Penchev

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PURPOSE This study was conducted to investigate the effect of fish oil (FO) and krill oil (KO) supplementation on glucose tolerance in obese New Zealand white rabbits. METHODS The experiments were carried out with 24 male rabbits randomly divided into four groups: KO-castrated, treated with KO; FO-castrated, treated with FO; C-castrated, non-treated;(More)
Rabbits are considered as appropriate animal models to study some obesity-associated abnormalities because of the similarity of their blood lipid profile and metabolism to humans. The current study was focused on comparison of adipose differentiation ability in rabbit adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) in vitro. Subcutaneous and visceral stromal vascular(More)
A study on the infl uence of Lactina probiotics on the content of some microbial species and some histological characteristics in the intestine of Muscovy ducklings has been conducted. The authors proved, that Lactina probiotic had a signifi cant effect on the microfl ora in the large intestines, suppressing the development of the enterococci and pathogenic(More)
Molecular mechanisms, responsible for the impaired insulin-sensitivity state due to the obesity are not fully understood in both humans and animals. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of castration-induced visceral obesity and the influence of two antioxidants on constituents of blood lipid profile and insulin sensitivity in New(More)
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