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In this paper the experience gained at using low-cost interactive marker augmented reality (AR) technology during course Computer graphics is presented. The preliminary exploration of AR technology adoption for teaching support and learning enhancement is done and several benefits are identified, summarized and analyzed via a model. Two learning scenarios(More)
Often the S-boxes are the only nonlinear components in a block cipher and as such play an important role in ensuring its resistance to cryptanalysis. Cryptographic properties and constructions of S-boxes have been studied for many years. The most common techniques for constructing S-boxes are: algebraic constructions, pseudo-random generation and a variety(More)
Temperature band of ordinary telecommunication optical fibers is −60...85°C. The developing fiber optic sensors which can work at higher temperatures, required to develop metal coated optical fibers. The Purpose of the work is a researching additional optical loss of copper alloy coated optical fibers which were drawn from low hydroxyl group contamination(More)
The impact of standardized antimycobacterial treatment versus a complex combination of chemo- and ozonotherapy on the T and B links and specific antituberculous immunity was studied in patients with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis. A course of ozonotherapy was performed in the early intensive phase of antimycobacterial therapy via endovascular injection(More)
The paper considers the problems of introducing the quality management systems (QMS) according to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 in the health care facilities of different forms of property and departmental subordination. It gives examples of successfully putting QMS into practice in the companies that manufacture products for laboratory diagnosis in accordance with(More)
The spawning migration phenology of Pelobates fuscus was investigated on the basis of our field surveys of four floodplain lakes in the valley of the Medveditsa River (Saratov oblast) carried out in 2009–2013. The mean long-term dates on which the main phases of this phenomenon start (onset is April 7–13, culmination is April 17–20, and end is May 8–14), as(More)