Georgi I. Georgiev

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OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to characterize the neurological symptoms in Bulgarian patients with Wilson disease (WD), to investigate genotype-phenotype correlations, and to test whether there are differences in phenotype between patients of different ethnic origin. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 126 Bulgarian patients with WD were included in the(More)
Characterization of nodule growth and functioning, phosphorus status of plant tissues and host-plant growth of nodulated soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) plants grown under different phosphorus conditions was studied in order to evaluate the role of phosphorus in symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Phosphorus deficiency treatment decreased the whole plant fresh and(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of functional abilities on specificmotor skills. A total number of 92 male water polo players (age 12±0.5 years, body height 156.96±22.3 cm, body weight 51.02±33.18 kg) with at least two years' experience, were enrolled in the study. The investigation protocol consisted of standardized anthropometric(More)
The effect of boron (B) deficiency on cell permeability and connected with that, changes in soluble sugars, amino acids and ureides partitioning between root and nodule apoplast and symplast of N 2 fixing soybean plants grown in water culture were studied. Exposure of a transient 10-day B deficiency stress was found to inhibit nodule number and to increase(More)
Young plants of the two wheat cultivars Katya and Prelom, differing in their reaction to drought in the field, were grown in soil in pots, and their water status was assessed as well as the intensity of gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, and accumulation of compatible solutes and hydrogen peroxide after 7 days of dehydration. It was established that(More)
The reaction to soil drying was evaluated in two Triticum aestivum near-isogenic lines carrying different alleles of the height-reducing gene Rht-B1 based on an improved method for assessment of electrolyte leakage. The two lines were previously shown to differ in their physiological responses to induced water deficit stress. Drought was imposed for 6 days(More)
To correlate the molecular data to the clinicopathological parameters in Bulgarian prostate cancer patients. PCA3 overexpression, TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusion, GSTP1 promoter hypermethylation, somatic mutations in the AR gene and the IVS1-27G > A polymorphism in the KLF6 gene were studied. A total of 148 patients were analyzed: 16 aggressive PCa, 83(More)
Hydroponically grown wheat seedlings of two prominent Bulgarian cultivars (Katya and Prelom) were subjected to 48 h osmotic stress with PEG 8000 and were then rehydrated. The degree of stress was evaluated by monitoring relative water content, lipid peroxidation level, and accumulation of free proline and hydrogen peroxide in the leaves. Anatomy and(More)
Concentration and time course dependence of two structurally related plant flavonoids naringenin and quercetin on the nodABC gene tran-scriptional activity (as reporter gene nodC-lacZ activity) in Rh. leguminiosarum bv. vicae strain D923 and respective growth, nodulation and nitrogen fixing responses of plant host (garden pea) to inoculation with(More)
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