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We ascertained three different families affected with oto-dental syndrome, a rare but severe autosomal-dominant craniofacial anomaly. All affected patients had the unique phenotype of grossly enlarged molar teeth (globodontia) segregating with a high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss. In addition, ocular coloboma segregated with disease in one family(More)
The orofacial area is strongly connected with one's self image and therefore, plays a role in social interaction. Most orthognathic surgery gives rise to functional and esthetic changes that are assumed to render physical and psychological benefit. Despite the objective physical benefits, unexpected psychologic or emotional effects may occur. This short(More)
The authors present a serie of 20 cases of craniofacial injuries with or without CSF leakage. They propose a simple classification in 2 groups following the impact: braniofacial injury or orbitofacial injury. For their, craniofacial or orbitofacial injuries are to be operated in one stage by an neurosurgical and maxillofacial team. The best time for(More)
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