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Inverse parametric uncertainty identification using polynomial chaos and high-order moment matching benchmarked on a wet friction clutch
A numerically efficient inverse method for parametric model uncertainty identification using maximum likelihood estimation is presented. The goal is to identify a probability model for a fixed number
Understanding pilot biodynamical feedthrough coupling in helicopter adverse roll axis instability via lateral cyclic feedback control
Abstract The paper reassesses the mechanism of biodynamical feedthrough coupling to helicopter body motion in lateral-roll helicopter tasks. An analytical bio-aeroelastic pilot–vehicle model is first
A Convolutional Neural Network Aided Physical Model Improvement for AC Solenoid Valves Diagnosis
This paper focuses on the development of a physics-based diagnostic tool for alternating current (AC) solenoid valves which are categorized as critical components of many machines used in the process
Data-Driven Prognostics of Alternating Current Solenoid Valves
A novel data-driven RUL prediction methodology for solenoid valves is proposed, by training deep neural networks on images constructed from raw current signatures, which shows that an ensemble of CNN subnetworks achieves a predictive performance comparable to the feature-based approaches.
Model discovery in the sparse sampling regime
To improve the physical understanding and the predictions of complex dynamic systems, such as ocean dynamics and weather predictions, it is of paramount interest to identify interpretable models from
Sparsistent Model Discovery
It is shown that the adaptive Lasso will have more chances of verifying the IRC than the Lasso and it is proposed to integrate it within a deep learning model discovery framework with stability selection and error control.
Instability Mechanism of Roll/Lateral Biodynamic Rotorcraft–Pilot Couplings
The paper investigates the basic mechanism of aeroservoelastic pilot-assisted oscillation about the roll axis due to the interaction with pilot's arm biomechanics. The motivation stems from the
An upper limb musculoskeletal model using bond graphs for rotorcraft-pilot couplings analysis
“Complex Mechanical Systems Dynamics” project - Airbus Group Foundation - Arts et Metiers Paristech