Georges S. Abourjaily

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OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of thin-section, dynamic-contrast computed tomography and angiography in detecting the presence of pancreatic pseudoaneurysms. DESIGN This case series consisted of 57 patients who were being examined for endoscopic drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts. SETTING All patients were examined in a tertiary care, teaching(More)
A recent 10-year experience with major liver trauma at the Maine Medical Center was reviewed in order to examine treatment options involving interhospital transfer in the management of major liver trauma in rural areas. Liver injuries of at least Grade III by the systems of Moore or Mirvis were included, except for patients admitted without vital signs. We(More)
Parastomal evisceration is a very rare complication occurring after stoma formation. We report the case of this complication which occurred within 3 days status post end sigmoid colostomy in a 69-year-old male who initially presented with perianal infection-severe necrotizing fasciitis. This case highlights the significance of the size of a stomatal(More)
Double gallbladder is a rare finding in patients with symptomatic cholelithiasis or acute cholecystitis. The incidence has been described as 1 in every 4000-5000 patients during autopsy. To identify the gallbladder (GB) duplication prior to surgical removal of the GB is of upmost importance. It is not unusual to identify this diagnosis intraoperatively, but(More)
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