Georges Roualdès

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A case of a surgically verified neurinoma of the oculomotor nerve is presented. The diagnostic difficulties due to the parasellar localisation are discussed. Computed tomography scan data rarely allow to distinguish the nature of the tumor and in all cases are insufficient to distinguish a trigeminal nerve neurinoma of the oculomotor nerves.
Three cases of spinal cord tumor, revealed by hydrocephalus, are reported. Two patients showed symptoms of increased intracranial pressure and the third one presented himself with ataxic gait without intellectual impairment nor incontinence. In two cases ventriculo atrial shunt was initially inserted and the correct diagnosis was made only later on(More)
Na gamma hydroxybutyrate being recognized as a mean of brain protection, the effect of Na gamma hydroxybutyrate on visual evoked potentials is studied in ten neurosurgical patients. Recordings are made in the same intensive care unit and with the same equipment. Latencies of the three principal peaks (III, IV, V) are analysed. No gamma hydroxybutyrate,(More)
Modern humans are characterized by their large, complex, and specialized brain. Human brain evolution can be addressed through direct evidence provided by fossil hominid endocasts (i.e. paleoneurology), or through indirect evidence of extant species comparative neurology. Here we use the second approach, providing an extant comparative framework for hominid(More)