Georges M Zaytoun

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UNLABELLED In this double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study, we assessed the effect of dexamethasone 0.5 mg/kg IV administered preoperatively in 110 children 2-12 yr old, undergoing electrodissection adenotonsillectomy, using a standardized anesthetic technique. The incidence of early and late vomiting, the time to first oral intake, the quality(More)
In a 1-year prospective study, 60 patients with chronic serous otitis media underwent bilateral tympanocentesis with tube insertion. The right ear was treated with dexapolyspectran (a solution consisting of polymyxin B sulfate, neomycin sulfate, sulfonamide, and hydrocortisone) intraoperatively and for 72 hours afterward, and the left ear served as the(More)
To report a rare case of bilateral superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SCCD) in a child. Case report, 11-year-old female patient. Descriptive case report. Audiological findings of bilateral symmetrical low frequency sensorineural hearing loss with ascending curves and bilateral superior semicircular canal dehiscence on a high resolution computed(More)
Seven patients with a rare syndrome of diabetes insipidus (DI), diabetes mellitus (DM), optic atrophy (OA), neurosensory deafness (D), atony of the urinary tract, and other abnormalities (Wolfram or DIDMOAD syndrome) are reported. Of the seven patients, three siblings were followed up for 10-17 years. All seven patients had diabetes mellitus and optic(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to determine whether transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAEs) measured in a group of normal-hearing professional singers, who were frequently exposed to high-level sound during rehearsals and performances, differed from those measured in age- and gender-matched normal-hearing non-singers, who were at minimal(More)
We reviewed the topic of atypical lipomatous tumors including definition, diagnosis and management, with special emphasis on head and neck location and to report on the management of a rare case located in the temporalis muscle. Atypical lipomatous tumors/well-differentiated liposarcomas (ALT/WDLS) are rarely reported in the head and neck. Their behavior(More)
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