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Recommended by A. Alexiou This paper presents the evaluation of the diversity performance of several two-antenna systems for UMTS terminals. All the measurements are done in a reverberation chamber and in a Wheeler cap setup. First, a two-antenna system having poor isolation between its radiators is measured. Then, the performance of this structure is(More)
This paper results from a short-term mission granted by the COST 284 where the antenna-design competences of the LEAT have been gathered with the measurement skills of Chalmers Institute of Technology. Three multi-antenna prototypes have been characterized in the Bluetest reverberation chamber in terms of total efficiency and diversity gain. Particularly(More)
Two novel miniature multiband antennas suitable for mobile phone and WLAN applications have been presented in this paper. The first antenna achieves low return loss and good efficiency in the GSM and the DCS/PCS/UMTS bands while the second structure covers the 5 GHz WLAN bands in addition with same performance.
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