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— We present an efficient pipeline for the segmen-tation and tracking of the Epicardium (Epi) and Left Ventri-cle (LV) from a set of 3D cardiac MRI sequences. The surface structure is handled as an array of planar active contours, interconnected between adjacent slices and frames, providing spatial and temporal consistency. In a given cardiac phase, the(More)
The implementation of a logic programming language for database management systems is a possible way to build a knowledge base management system. It allows to re-use the know-how in the fields:<list><item>of inference engines, </item><item>of data management. </item></list> However, the strategy of each component is very different. SLD resolution leads to a(More)
In atrial fibrillation ablation procedures on-line measurement of catheter position is often displayed to the clin-ician against a static anatomy from pre-procedure scans. However the heart is moving due to both contraction and respiratory motion. Thus both small-scale and large-scale inaccuracies are introduced into the visualization. As part of a larger(More)
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