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— In this paper, the performance assessment of the hybrid Archive-based Micro Genetic Algorithm (AMGA) on a set of bound-constrained synthetic test problems is reported. The hybrid AMGA proposed in this paper is a combination of a classical gradient based single-objective optimization algorithm and an evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithm. The(More)
In this paper, we propose a new evolutionary algorithm for multi-objective optimization. The proposed algorithm benefits from the existing literature and borrows several concepts from existing multi-objective optimization algorithms. The proposed algorithm employs a new kind of selection procedure which benefits from the search history of the algorithm and(More)
Designing large-scale systems frequently involves solving a complex mathematical program that requires, for various reasons, decomposition into a number of smaller systems. Practical studies have proved the effectiveness of multilevel hierarchical methods at early stages of design; these methods divide a large program into multiple levels and multiple(More)
1. Abstract This paper summarizes findings related to dealing with the complexity of the design of vehicles for optimal dynamic performance under various driving scenarios. It describes how the authors and their students have been able to improve various algorithms and approaches over several years and where they stand today. The work reviewed starts with a(More)
Many recent improvements have been made in the field of optimization, among which is the introduction of the theory of approximations to improve problem convergence and reduce the computational burden of repeated full analyses. This theory states that an approximation can be made in the neighborhood of the current design point, and the opti-mizer can make(More)