Georges Bossis

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A general method for computing the hydrodynamic interactions among an infinite suspension of particles, under the condition of vanishingly small particle Reynolds number, is presented. The method follows the procedure developed by O’Brien (1979) for constructing absolutely convergent expressions for particle interactions. For use in dynamic simulation, the(More)
SYNOPSIS This work reports a detailed study on the shear magnetorheology of suspensions of magnetic microfibers. The steady-state regime was investigated using a controlled-stress rheometer, for different concentrations of particles and under the presence of a broad range of applied magnetic fields (up to 512 kA m-1). The results were compared with those(More)
Magnetic permeability data of cobalt ferrite and carbonyl iron suspensions are discussed. Using an induction method, the relative differential permeability, mr;dif ; was measured as a function of the internal magnetic field for different volume fractions of the solid phase. In the case of cobalt ferrite suspensions, the mr;dif H curve was obtained for a(More)
If a suspension of magnetic micrometer-sized and nanosized particles is subjected to a homogeneous magnetic field, the nanoparticles are attracted to the microparticles and form thick anisotropic halos (clouds) around them. Such clouds can hinder the approach of microparticles and result in effective repulsion between them [M. T. López-López, A. Yu.(More)
This work deals with the magnetic field-induced static yield stress of magnetorheological (MR) suspensions with concentration near the limit of maximum-packing fraction. With this aim, homogeneous suspensions of iron microparticles with 50 vol.% concentration were prepared, and their yield stress measured as a function of the applied magnetic field. In view(More)