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L'anatomie du systrme vasculaire est certainement celle qui a 6t6 le plus sujet ~ des critiques acerbes de la part de ceux qui pensent que la connaissance de cette science est parfaitement inutile et superflue. Maintes fois, on entend dire que les notions que l 'on ,, inflige ,, aux 6tudiants sont beaucoup trop complexes et sans intrrdt pratique et qu'ils(More)
This study was based on 50 dissections and was orientated towards the surgical treatment of varices. The treatment of this extremely common complaint nevertheless raises all sorts of questions such as the right surgical approach, the indication for surgery and the best means of obtaining long term results. These problems are related to the extremely(More)
In several species, bicarbonate and calcium concentrations of pancreatic juice are know to vary during the different phases of pancreatic secretion. The effects of these variations on the saturation of juice with calcium carbonate, a critical factor for the formation of pancreatic stones, are not known. In this work, we studied the saturation degree of(More)
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