Georges-André Althaus

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In the present study we investigated whether a correlation exists between menstrual cycle phase on the day of an acute psychiatric admission and diagnostic entities. Therefore we assessed the menstrual cycle phase in 155 women at the time of acute admission for any non-organic psychiatric disorder. A specific diagnosis according to ICD-10-criteria and to(More)
The concept of hebephrenia according to Kleist and Leonhard describes distinct clinical entities with a chronically progressive course leading to residual syndroms with a clear cut symptom constellation which is stable over time. The main symptom is a specific kind of pathological affectivity resulting in a lack of profound future- orientated tension. In(More)
In earlier studies we found that visual field defects occur more frequently in the lower half of the visual field and that low systolic blood pressure occurs more frequently in low-tension glaucoma (stage II) compared to primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) (stage II). We wanted to find out whether visual field defects in the lower half of the visual field(More)
1. 300 eyes of 300 patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) were examined with program 31 of the Octopus perimeter 201 and the amount of visual field loss (total loss) was quantified with program Delta. The total loss was correlated to the height of the maximum intraocular pressure (IOP max). There was no correlation in the interindividual(More)
Visual field defects of stages I-IV, in 451 eyes of 451 glaucoma patients, were examined with the Octopus 201 perimeter: 83 patients with low-tension glaucoma (LTG), 316 patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), and 52 patients with pigmentary glaucoma (PG). Program 31 or 33 was used, with an eccentricity range of up to 30 degrees, 73 test points,(More)
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