George van Schoor

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(PMSMs) are well suited for high-speed (HS) applications due to their high efficiency, power density, and dynamic response capability. The heat extraction area decreases as the speed increases, making thermal effects more dominant at high speed. The temperature-dependent properties of permanent magnets necessitate high-detail thermal models. This paper(More)
A discontinuity seems to exist in present aided inertial navigation systems - the operational availability of high cost inertial navigation currently depends on the availability of a valid GPS lock. In general GPS solutions can be two or more orders cheaper than their inertial sensors counterparts. This paper addresses the north alignment by gyrocompassing(More)
Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) have become a key technology in various industrial applications. Self-sensing AMBs provide an integrated sensorless solution for position estimation, consolidating the sensing and actuating functions into a single electromagnetic transducer. The approach aims to reduce possible hardware failure points, production costs, and(More)
A design process comprising aspects of modelling and analysis is developed, implemented and verified for a flexible rotor active magnetic bearing system. The system is specified to experience the first three critical frequencies up to an operating speed of 10,000 rpm. Rotor stability at critical frequencies places specific constraints on the equivalent(More)
This paper presents an object-oriented implementation of ANSI-C for embedded systems. It offers practical guidelines for producing generic software libraries and portable applications. While various object-oriented implementations of C is available, the aim is to impress a culture of producing safe, robust embedded software which can easily be shared and(More)
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