George Zimmerman

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The conceptual design of a 1200 MW thermal, 500 MW electrical, Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR) Plant has been completed with the objective of completing construction and startup by 2020. The reactor is a pool-type, sodium-cooled fast reactor and has been named TerraPower – 1 (TP-1). The TP-1 core will operate for over 40 years without refueling, but provisions(More)
An animal model for the study of small-bowel tumors has been investigated. Tumors were induced in male Holtzman rats by X-irradiation of only the hypoxic, temporarily exteriorized ileum and jejunum. Following an exposure of 2000 R, 56% of the rats developed adenocarcinoma some where in the irradiated segment. Macroscopic métastases were not observed(More)
Helping disabled workers to return to work is the goal of many corporate rehabilitation efforts. Increasingly, employers are providing rehabilitation services either as part of their overall disability management approach, or as a special program aimed at facilitating return to work. Finding a program that offers cost management, as well as facilitating(More)
Radioiodinated antitumor (Ab-gamma globulins), non-tumor-specific Ab, and R131ISA were used for imaging radiation-induced intestinal tumors in rats. Each agent detected tumors larger than 2 g, but labeled Ab were most efficient in detecting smaller tumors. Tissue distribution studies showed that while ‘purified’ Ab localized specifically in tumors,(More)