George Zaslavsky

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  • G Casati, B V Chrikov, F M Izraelev, J Ford, F M Israelev, D Z Shepelianskii +11 others
  • 2003
and in Path Integrals and their Applications in Quantum S set of real numbers is said to be relatively Statistical and Solid State Physics, edited by G. P. dense if there exists a number L< 00 such that any inter-Papadopoulous and G. T. Devreese (Plenum, New York, val on the real axis of length L contains at least one 1977) 0 member of E. 12We define the(More)
We consider a one-dimensional chain of coupled linear and nonlinear oscillators with long-range powerwise interaction. The corresponding term in dynamical equations is proportional to 1//n-m/alpha+1. It is shown that the equation of motion in the infrared limit can be transformed into the medium equation with the Riesz fractional derivative of order alpha,(More)
We derive the fractional generalization of the Ginzburg–Landau equation from the variational Euler–Lagrange equation for fractal media. To describe fractal media we use the fractional integrals considered as approximations of integrals on fractals. Some simple solutions of the Ginzburg–Landau equation for fractal media are considered and different forms of(More)
The one-dimensional chain of coupled oscillators with long-range power-law interaction is considered. The equation of motion in the infrared limit are mapped onto the continuum equation with the Riesz fractional derivative of order α, when 0 < α < 2. The evolution of soliton-like and breather-like structures are obtained numerically and compared for both(More)
Chaotic ray dynamics in deep sea propagation models is considered using the approaches developed in the theory of dynamical chaos. It has been demonstrated that the mechanism of emergence of ray chaos due to overlapping of nonlinear ray-medium resonances should play an important role in long range sound propagation. Analytical estimations, supported by(More)
We present two observations related to the application of linear (LFE) and nonlinear fractional equations (NFE). First, we give the comparison and estimates of the role of the fractional derivative term to the normal diffusion term in a LFE. The transition of the solution from normal to anomalous transport is demonstrated and the dominant role of the power(More)