George Z Zhang

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For magnetic particle imaging (MPI), specific absorption rate (SAR) and more critically magnetostimulation (i.e., dB/dt) safety limits will determine the optimal scan parameters, such as the drive field strength and frequency. These parameters will impact the scanning speed, field-of-view (FOV) and signal-to-noise ratio in MPI. Understanding the potential(More)
Results of permeation tests of several glove materials challenged with semiconductor processing formulations containing glycolether derivatives are described. Commercial glove samples of nitrile rubber (Edmont), natural rubber (Edmont and Baxter), butyl rubber (North), PVC Baxter), a natural rubber/neoprene/nitrile blend (Pioneer), and a natural(More)
Development and laboratory testing of a small instrument capable of recognizing and quantifying multiple organic vapors at low- and sub-ppm concentrations is described. The instrument is slightly larger than a standard personal sampling pump and employs an array of three polymer-coated surface-acoustic-wave microsensors for vapor detection. Vapors are first(More)
Real-time measurement of 1,3-butadiene gas using a surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor coated with the square-planar Pt(II)-olefin pi-complex PtCl2-(1-hexene) (pyridine) and related complexes is described. Amplification of the sensor response results from displacement of two 1-hexene molecules by each butadiene molecule and formation of the bridged complex(More)
An investigation of steric factors affecting the olefin-olefin selectivity of a surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor coated with reagents of the general formula trans-PtCl2(ethylene)-(substituted-pyridine) is described. Detection is based on the mass increase accompanying replacement of ethylene by other gas-phase olefins to form the corresponding(More)
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