George Young

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Search is a ubiquitous human activity. It is a rational response to the uncertainty inherent in the tasks we seek to accomplish in our daily lives, from retrieving information to making important decisions. Engineers have developed numerous tools to perform automated search, but many tasks have too much uncertainty for these tools to perform adequately(More)
In this thesis, we investigate human decision making dynamics in a series of simple perceptual decision making tasks. The level of caution with which a human subject responds to stimuli is of central interest, since it influences the speed and accuracy of responses. We study the role of caution parameters in models of cognitive control processes. We first(More)
Operationally-significant wind speed variability is often observed within synthetic aperture radar-derived wind speed (SDWS) images of the sea surface. This paper is meant as a first step towards automated distinguishing of meteorological phenomena responsible for such variability. In doing so, the research presented in this paper tests feature extraction(More)
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