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Athletic strength and power refer to the forces or torques generated during sporting activity. Their assessment can be used for strength diagnosis or talent identification, to monitor the effects of training interventions and to estimate the relative significance of strength and power to particular athletic pursuits. However, strength and power assessment(More)
Methylnaltrexone, a peripheral mu-opioid receptor antagonist with restricted ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, may relieve opioid-induced constipation (OIC) without reversing analgesia. A total of 154 patients with advanced illness and OIC enrolled in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, with optional open-label phases (up to 4(More)
Despite the performance concerns of dehydration in other sports, there are currently no data on the effects of rapid weight-loss on the physical and cognitive performance of jockeys in a sport-specific context. In a randomised crossover design, eight Great Britain (GB) male licensed jockeys were assessed for chest strength, leg strength, simulated riding(More)
This paper introduces a set of guidelines for annotating time expressions with a canonicalized representation of the times they refer to. Applications that can benefit from such an annotated corpus include information extraction (e.g., normalizing temporal references for database entry), question answering (answering " when " questions), summarization(More)
To test the hypothesis that daily weight-making is more problematic to health in male compared with female jockeys, we compared the bone density and resting metabolic rate (RMR) in weight-matched male and female Flat jockeys. RMR (kcal·kg(-1) lean mass) was lower in males compared with females as well as lower bone-density Z scores at the hip and lumbar(More)
DISCLAIMER The views, opinions and/or findings contained in this report are those of The MITRE Corporation and should not be construed as an official Government position, policy, or decision, unless designated by other documentation. This report documents the results of a short email-mediated study by The MITRE Corporation on the use of free and open-source(More)
Let A 1 be the (first) Weyl algebra, and let G be its automorphism group. We study the natural action of G on the space of isomorphism classes of right ideals of A 1 (equivalently, of finitely generated rank 1 torsion-free right A 1-modules). We show that this space breaks up into a countable number of orbits each of which is a finite dimensional algebraic(More)