George Weaver

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The rapid worldwide emergence of the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) is having a profound negative impact on biodiversity. However, global research efforts are fragmented and an overarching synthesis of global infection data is lacking. Here, we provide results from a community tool for the compilation of worldwide Bd presence and(More)
After extensive laboratory testing of the famous memorist Rajan, Thompson, Cowan, and Frieman (1993) proposed that he was innately endowed with a superior memory capacity for digits and letters and thus violated the hypothesis that exceptional memory fully reflects acquired "skilled memory." We successfully replicated the empirical phenomena that led them(More)
1 In his 1949 paper, "The completeness of the first-order calculus", Henkin developed what is now called the method of (individual) terms to establish that every consistent set of statements of a first-order language L has a model of cardinality α, a the number of statements of L. The idea is to start with such a set S, construct a so-called term-extension(More)
Now-a-days to increase the computation efficiency distributed systems are used in which the computing resources are shared among several systems. Such openness of distributed system leads to increase in potential attacks on the hardware and software by exploration of system vulnerability. This paper presents implementation of Intrusion Detection System(More)