George Wai-Chun Ho

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Vibrio anguillarum and Vibrio damselae are Gram-negative bacteria that cause systemic infections called vibriosis in fish. They can enter fish cells and survive as intracellular parasites. The host-pathogen interactions between these Vibrio species and the fish epithelial cell lines epithelioma papillosum of carp (EPC) and grunt-fin tissue (GF) cells, were(More)
A new genus of stick insects, Brockphasma Ho gen. nov., with the type-species, Brockphasma spinifemoralis Ho, Liu, Bresseel & Constant spec. nov., is described and illustrated from Vietnam. Both sexes, the egg and the first instar nymph are described and figured. Data on the habitat and natural foodplants are provided. Brockphasma Ho gen. nov. is(More)
A catalogue of the phasmids of Hainan Island, China is provided. This study presents 25 genera and 59 species. A new genus, Pseudoparamenexenus gen. nov., is erected for Paramenexenus yangi Chen & He, 2002 including the first descriptions of male and egg. One new species with two new subspecies, Marmessoidea hainanensis hainanensis sp. nov. & subsp. nov.(More)
Chen and He erected the genus Interphasma in 2008 (Chen & He, 2008). Thirteen species are recognized in this Chinese endemic genus which is distributed in eastern to south-western China (Chen & He, 2008; Chen & Zhang, 2008; Xu et al., 2010). In this paper, a new species, I. lizipingense sp. nov., is described and illustrated from Sichuan, China. A key to(More)
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