George W. Semich

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This paper reports the results of an action-research case study that investigated the efforts undertaken by technology-literate school leaders to facilitate the implementation of a school-wide 1:1 iPad program and the subsequent influence those efforts had on teachers' technology self-efficacy. The investigation highlights what the study's authors have(More)
In his recent text (2011), Educational Leadership and Planning for Technology, Picciano noted that " an important ingredient for implementing change, improvement, and innovation in education is a knowledgeable and vibrant staff " (p. 215). However, there is a body of research, that clearly indicates that teachers are not making the best use of technology in(More)
abstRact In a previous article, the authors illustrated a three-step staff development program for linking technology training with theory to transform pedagogy. Essentially, the model identified three key phases: the training phase, application phase, and the integration phase. The focus of this chapter is to update the research on the three-phase model(More)
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