George W. Klontz

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Young-of-the-year rainbow trout clinically affected by proliferative kidney disease (PKD), a systemic protozoan infection, exhibit a massive proliferation of small lymphocytes in the posterior kidney and spleen, a decrease in erythrocyte packed cell volume, hemoglobin, and serum albumins and an increase in beta-globulins. Electronphotomicrographs of the(More)
Fish live in a very complex, dynamic environment. Their use as biological research subjects during the past three decades has increased almost exponentially because of the demand for an increased knowledge base in response to the need for better aquaculture technology. To use fish as biological research subjects requires the investigator to take into(More)
The technique of agar diffusion was applied to a study of blue tongue virus antigens prepared from infected mouse brains, chicken embryos, and cell culture fluid. Antigens from these different sources, contributing to precipitate formation, appeared to be virus-specific, noninfectious and serologically indistinguishable one from another in the systems(More)