George W. Brooks

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The authors present the findings from a long-term follow-up study of 118 patients from Vermont State Hospital who, when rediagnosed retrospectively, met DSM-III criteria for schizophrenia at their index hospitalization in the mid-1950s. The patients were studied with structured, reliable, multivariate instrument batteries by raters who were blind to(More)
The authors report the latest findings from a 32-year longitudinal study of 269 back-ward patients from Vermont State Hospital. This intact cohort participated in a comprehensive rehabilitation program and was released to the community in a planned deinstitutionalization effort during the mid-1950s. At their 10-year follow-up mark, 70% of these patients(More)
BACKGROUND This paper supplements the cross-sectional outcome comparisons of the companion paper by providing a brief account of the longitudinal courses of the Maine and Vermont samples across several outcome domains. METHOD A Life Chart method was used to document changes in individual lives over the domains of residence, work, income source, and use of(More)
BACKGROUND This study compared long-term outcome of serious mental illness in two states using a matched design to assess psychiatric rehabilitation programmes; Vermont subjects participated in a model psychiatric rehabilitation programme, while the Maine group received more traditional care. METHOD Maine and Vermont subjects (n = 269) were matched by(More)