George Vitale

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Rabaptin-5 functions as an effector for the small GTPase Rab5, a regulator of endocytosis and early endosome fusion. We have searched for structural determinants that confer functional specificity on Rabaptin-5. Here we report that native cytosolic Rabaptin-5 is present in a homodimeric state and dimerization depends upon the presence of its coiled-coil(More)
We have cloned a novel and essential gene, NBP35, from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that encodes a putative Nucleotide Binding Protein of 35 kDa. Sequence analysis revealed structural homology of Nbp35p with a family of bacterial ATPases involved in cell division processes and chromosome partitioning. A search in databases identified closely related sequences(More)
Interferon-α (IFNα) is a recombinant protein widely used in the therapy of several neoplasms such as myeloma, renal cell carcinoma, epidermoid cervical and head and neck tumours and melanoma. IFNα, the first cytokine to be produced by recombinant DNA technology, has emerged as an important regulator of cancer cell growth and differentiation, affecting(More)
BACKGROUND As society's expectations of physicians change, so must the objectives of training. Professional organizations involved in training now emphasize multiplicity of roles. But how well do we evaluate these multiple roles? AIMS To investigate the principal components of evaluation in the Internal Medicine clerkship rotation at the University of(More)
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