George V. Tsoulos

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Recent studies conclude that patient survival during a health emergency situation depends on the effective pre-hospital healthcare. Mobile telemedicine exploits different wireless network technologies in order to tackle this problem. This paper looks into the case of mobile telemedicine service provision in a moving vehicle (ambulance). The special(More)
—The channel capacity of a multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) communication system depends substantially on correlation between individual receive branches. In this letter, we investigate the MIMO capacity using the correlation matrix approach and the Salz–Winters spatial correlation model. It is shown that for a linear array, correlation has no impact(More)
The issue of fairness and throughput trade-off in UMTS WCDMA network planning is discussed in this paper. The employed radio resource management (RRM) fully supports rate adaptation and hence, new potentials arise in terms of system throughput and fairness. The authors study four low complexity RRM algorithms that perform efficient rate adaptation in order(More)
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This paper presents a problem solving environment (PSE) for the grid-enabled execution of Monte Carlo simulations. Our main concern during the design and development of the PSE was to hide the complexity of using the grid infrastructure from the actual users and simplify the way users run their application on grid resources. In order to assist non(More)