George V. Mouradian

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When people use natural language in natural settings, they often use it ungrammatical-ly, leaving out or repeating words, breaking off and restarting, speaking in fragments, etc. Their human listeners are usually able to cope with these deviations with little difficulty. If a computer system is to accept natural language input from its users on a routine(More)
A number of projects at the Carnegie-Mellon University Computer Science Department address issues in Natural Language Processing. Since several of these projects share rescarchers and a similar view of the world, we have listed them in a single summary. Our general interests are in robust man-machine interfaces and the modelling of human dialogs.
Industry standards for managing ATM are keeping pace with the rapid development of the overall collection of ATM specifications. For SNMP management of ATM, the bulk of this work has been accomplished through an informal collaboration between the ATM Forum and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This report surveys the current state of SNMP(More)
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