George V. Koutelakis

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All users of informatics applications need rapid and reliable access to the kind of information that they are interested in. Web technology provides these capabilities. DICOM standard committees recognized the necessity of a Web medical standard. They specified WADO (Web access to DICOM object) service, so that system interaction takes place through Web, in(More)
Early and specialized pre-hospital patient treatment improves outcome in terms of mortality and morbidity, in emergency cases. This paper focuses on the design and implementation of a telemedicine system that supports diverse types of endpoints including moving transports (MT) (ambulances, ships, planes, etc.), handheld devices and fixed units, using(More)
The Web Access to Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) Persistent Objects (WADO) service is standardized as the Web extension to DICOM. This paper analyzes the operational specifications of the WADO service and extends its access capability to the whole DICOM hierarchy (patient, study, series, and object). The proposed Web Access to DICOM(More)
Multiprotocol medical imaging communication through the Internet is more flexible than the tight DICOM transfers. This paper introduces a modular multiprotocol teleradiology architecture that integrates DICOM and common Internet services (based on web, FTP, and E-mail) into a unique operational domain. The extended WADO service (a web extension of DICOM)(More)
The large growth of medical information and the needs for computing resources for processing of medical images in medical diagnosis procedures demand advanced network solutions in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). Grid infrastructure is a new network generation that expands the collaborative environment which is created inside Internet.(More)
An evaluation of a wide area Telemedicine System (TS) designed for a country with singular geomorphology like Greece is presented. It targets to improve the outcome in emergency cases, by means of an early and specialized pre-hospital treatment. The TS makes use of modern technologies leading to the cooperation of 30 mobile medical units, 3 Telemedicine(More)
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