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The prediction of the translation initiation site in a genomic sequence with the highest possible accuracy is an important problem that still has to be investigated by the research community. Current approaches perform quite well, however there is still room for a more general framework for the researchers who want to follow an effective and reliable(More)
Warfarin is a commonly used oral anticoagulant, and has well-established clinical efficacy. However, it has a narrow therapeutic window, and a mode-of-action affected by inter-individual differences and environmental factors. The effectiveness and safety of warfarin are closely related to maintenance of the international normalized ratio (INR) within(More)
At the end of the 1980's a new discipline, named data mining, emerged. The introduction of new technologies such as computers, satellites, new mass storage media and many others have lead to an exponential growth of collected data. Traditional data analysis techniques often fail to process large amounts of-often noisy-data efficiently, in an exploratory(More)
The prediction of the Translation Initiation Site (TIS) in a genomic sequence is an important issue in biological research. Although several methods have been proposed to deal with this problem, there is a great potential for the improvement of the accuracy of these methods. Due to various reasons, including noise in the data as well as biological reasons,(More)
AbstrAct Association rule mining is a popular task that involves the discovery of co-occurences of items in transaction databases. Several extensions of the traditional association rule mining model have been proposed so far; however, the problem of mining for mutually exclusive items has not been directly tackled yet. Such information could be useful in(More)
The optimal method of thromboprophylaxis and the value of screening ultrasonography for detection of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in neurosurgery patients remains unclear. The goal of this study was to determine the incidence of DVT in neurosurgical patients who, by hospital protocol, receive surveillance ultrasonography of the lower extremities twice(More)
BACKGROUND Rates of patient completion of fecal occult blood tests (FOBTs) are often low. OBJECTIVE To examine whether financial incentives increase rates of FOBT completion. DESIGN A 2-stage, parallel-design, pragmatic, cluster, randomized, controlled trial with clustering by clinic day (ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT01516489). SETTING Primary care clinic(More)
The prediction of the translation initiation site (TIS) in a genomic sequence is an important issue in biological research. Several methods have been proposed to deal with it. However, it is still an open problem. In this paper we follow an approach consisting of a number of steps in order to increase TIS prediction accuracy. First, all the sequences are(More)
Mining a transaction database for association rules is a particularly popular data mining task, which involves the search for frequent co-occurrences among items. One of the problems often encountered is the large number of weak rules extracted. Item taxonomies, when available, can be used to reduce them to a more usable volume. In this paper we introduce a(More)