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—Musical genres are categorical labels created by humans to characterize pieces of music. A musical genre is characterized by the common characteristics shared by its members. These characteristics typically are related to the instrumentation, rhythmic structure, and harmonic content of the music. Genre hierarchies are commonly used to structure the large(More)
Existing audio tools handle the increasing amount of computer audio data inadequately. The typical tape-recorder paradigm for audio interfaces is inflexible and time consuming, especially for large data sets. On the other hand, completely automatic audio analysis and annotation is impossible using current techniques. Alternative solutions are semi-automatic(More)
Marsyas is an open source software framework for audio analysis, synthesis and retrieval with specific emphasis on Music Information Retrieval. It is developed by an international team of programmers and researchers led by George Tzanetakis. In MIREX 2010 the Marsyas team participated in the following tasks: Audio Classical Com-Similarity and Retrieval and(More)
Evaluating music information retrieval systems is acknowledged to be a difficult problem. We have created a database and a software testbed for the systematic evaluation of various query-by-humming (QBH) search systems. As might be expected, different queries and different databases lead to wide variations in observed search precision. " Natural " queries(More)
Query-by-Humming systems offer content-based searching for melodies and require no special musical training or knowledge. Many such systems have been built, but there has not been much useful evaluation and comparison in the literature due to the lack of shared databases and queries. The MUSART project testbed allows various search algorithms to be compared(More)